Black and White Desert Landscape Collage with Three Joshua Trees Photograph by Fine Art Photographer Erin McGuire

Desert Landscapes

I spent much of my youth camping the desert with my family and our family friends. We all lived in different cities in Southern California and would meet up in the desert for a few days of dirt bike riding, exploring and talking around a campfire. I still remember the paper plates tacked to wooden spikes left like breadcrumbs in the sand so we could find each other. People moved away or were too busy with work and life to camp so trips to the desert happened less and less until they stopped all together. It was only after many years of living my own busy life, and missing the desert all the while, that I finally decided to follow my heart back to the desert, where I live and work full time now.

This gallery is a collection of photographs of various Southern California desert landscapes made using a variety of new and expired films. The types of photographic mediums include new and extremely expired 35mm and 120 medium format color and black and white film, experimental and well established instant films, and unique films made using traditional Japanese washi paper. 

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